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Gold Section seats?
self, camphone, eye

Your eyes do not deceive you. Ticketmaster wanted me to pay $999.00, plus $37.90, for $10 Upper Level Seats at the Verizon Center. I love my baby bro, but I don't think I can swing that kind of money for a birthday outing. At that price, the seats had better be made of solid gold melted down from Ron Artest's personal bling collection.

Now, while the Phone Booth (aka Gilbert's Arena) is a fine venue for basketball, I'm a bit staggered by the price. Is it that the Wizards' stellar play is driving up demand and thus the price? Are DC prices starting to spiral out of control like Berlin in the dying days of Weimar? Has Chairman Bernake totally miscalculated and sent the economy into stagflation?

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Agent Steinbog is already on the case.

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