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self, camphone, eye
One week to go until the bar exam. I had a nice conversation with my mother about my attitude and preparation going into the home stretch. I had explained to her that I feel like I am more or less where I should be. I've done what I can do, I'm getting what I should get.

"So," she said "you feel relaxed?"




"You sound like a man about to be sent to the electric chair."

"That's about right, yes. I am ready to die."

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Which state? VA? You'll do great.

If you've prepared with seriousness, and presuming you're a decent test-taker (which you probably are, and then some) you'll do just fine.

The harder part is: What then?

It is Virginia. I really have no sense of where I am. Nothing I do seems good enough.

And after? Who knows. If I get sworn in, we'll see.

It is an almost unimaginable amount of possible information. You have to have some confidence that you can craft a coherent argument regardless of your substantive knowledge if they choose something really esoteric. And the multistate is just playing the multiple choice game well. You've done that before :-)

Did you take a bar study course or do it yourself? Either way, most of the folks I know who didn't pass were folks who didn't put in the serious study time. The few others were folks with serious anxiety issues.

Granted, it was 20 years ago, but I don't think that much has changed. The pass rate is somewhat lower, but not that much.

Are you still into cycling?

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