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Cheer up, Biglaw Associate
self, camphone, eye
I didn't get a bonus, either.

Propriety prevents me from discussing my life these days. I'm slumming it in the nether-world of white-collar temporary work, waiting for something else to break.

I know a few things, though:

  • Big Law is just like Small Law, except that everybody gets paid. Lots. I don't feel professionally inferior to my present Big Law masters

  • Temp work, whether doc review or otherwise, is a racket. Standard temp agency contracts come with restrictive covenants: you covenant neither to seek nor accept permanent employment with any firm to which you're posted for up to one year after the end of your posting. The silver lining? If you do wish to have the big boys hire you on, you agree to have the agency act as your exclusive agent in the negotiations, and they'll charge the firm hiring you with a hefty fee. (Probably their liquidated damages for losing your services). Fortunately, no one will hire you because no one will pay the fee. It makes sense, after all; temps must be damaged goods--else someone would have hired them by now. Who pays premiums for damaged goods?

  • No matter how crappy my compensation, I still have my professional pride. I'm being pimped out, but I'm no common whore. Whatever they thought they'd get, when they hired me, they got a proper lawyer. I can't bear to do shitty work.


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