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Gardel: "Volver"
self, camphone, eye
As they say in Argentina: Carlos Gardel sings better with every passing day.

Lately I've been relying on to serve me old tango records over the Intertubes. They drown out my cubemates' yammering. I've been listening to the lyrics more carefully, as well.

Anyway, here's one of my favorites--"Volver," composed & performed by Carlos Gardel, with lyrics by his collaborator Alfredo Le Pera.

The lyrics, translated:

I see the flicker
From the lights which, at a distance
Mark my return--
They are the same which illuminated
With their pale reflections
Deep hours of pain.

And though I didn't want to return,
One always comes back to his first love--

The old street where the echo said:
"Yours is her life--yours is her love!"
Under the mocking glare of the stars
That with indifference, see me come back today--

Come back--with a withered face,
The snows of time have frosted my temples

To feel--that life is no more than a breath,
That twenty years is nothing,
That the feverish gaze, searching in the shadows
Seeks you out and calls you by name

To live, with my soul clutched tight
To a sweet memory which I cry once again.

I fear the meeting
With the past with now returns
To confront my life--

I fear the nights,
Which, populated by memories,
Shackle my dreams--
But the traveler who flees
Sooner or later must stop running away

And although Oblivion, which destroys all
has killed my old dream
I guard, hidden, a humble hope
Which is all the treasure of my heart.


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