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Minor League
self, camphone, eye
After several months as an agency temp, the time of my deliverance is at hand: the law firm I'm working for has decided to buy me from the temp agency and take me on board.

This is only a qualified success, though. I've been taken on as...a temporary staff attorney. The firm doesn't think hiring a rookie lawyer is worth the risk. A junior partner told it to me straight: they need more experienced attorneys, guys with five years in practice and probably government service.

Still, that means I'm on board for at least another month. I get more money. I get more chances to impress more attorneys. And the people I've worked with thus far can continue to lobby the partners to hire me permanently.

Here's how I see it: It's like being invited to Spring Training. I tried hard, I made it through the first cut, I impressed a few people. There's no room for me in the big-league clubhouse, so instead they sent me down to the minors. If I keep hacking, I'm sure I'll get to the Show.

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Hey I'd like to connect w/you and chat a bit about your use of linux for law practice. I've been having some issues with LibreOffice printing recently and am considering moving to LaTeX. Is the learning curve worth the time savings on the back end? Plus I deal with different courts, which have different font/spacing rules, yadda yadda...

Send me an e-mail if you wouldn't mind, sir... thanks in advance.

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